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There's been a growing trend within worship music circles for the past several years, seeing songwriters opt out against the traditional flow of hymnody, opting instead for a simpler, vertical lyric that is surrounded by contemporary sounds-capes that capture sounds that evoke everything from club beats to Coldplay and all that is in between.  With those lyrics simplified, the purpose being to allow the worshipper to truly focus and worship, many bands have taken the opportunity to amp up their arrangements, showcasing complex and talented instrumental skills, sometimes overshadowing the purpose of their worship, seeming to shine the spotlight in the wrong direction.

And while there's noting wrong with that formula, for an artist and worship leader such as Ulysses Brown, it's just not his cup of tea.  Brown is instead a man on a mission to return simplicity to the world of worship and it's not a mission without purpose.
Finding worship to be more than a musical genre, Brown sees it as a lifestyle and, as such, his main goal is that people see God through his music.  Seeking to help facilitate a spiritual connection as opposed to entertain, the artist's sole desire and prayer is that through his music, "each individual is able to enter into a new place with God and that in that place they will find a joy that is unspeakable, as well as safeness that nothing here on earth could ever give them."
"If we are to be victorious and over comers we must give God true Praise & Worship."
A Worship Experience In Spirit & Truth...