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Amazing Grace
Released May, 2000

Abba Father
Released January 2008

Come Unto Me
Released August 2008

Greater Is He
Released May 2010

I Love To Worship You...
Released October 2010

Stand Still & Know
Released June 2015

Released June 2015

Send It On Down Lord
Released March 2016
Ulysses gifts are obvious, and his heart for worship is clear to see:  I lead worship because I am passionate about people engaging with God through song, whether that is to dance, sing, clap, jump & shout or to be still and silent.
On "Greater Is He", the artist sticks to his template of simplicity, surrounding himself with simple and subtle keyboard while he smoothly sings out his lyrics of surrender and worship.  Brown's voice is solid, warm tones allowing for occasional but not over the top runs that accent the track and brings a sense of emotion rather than steal the thunder from the lyric.  A choral set of background voices provide support as the track builds, a plodding drum line keeping time as Ulysses' vocal becomes more impassioned, singing out, "I've overcome the darkness/Of this sinful world/With the power from/The Lord."  It's simple, succinct, and delivered with passion and poignancy.

"Greater Is He" may not be the most complex arrangement on the worship circuit but one can't deny the heart and emotion put into it.  Ulysses Brown showcases a deft hand in arrangement, keeping his composition subtle and composed while letting his lyrics, delivered with a soulful voice; carry the brunt of the burden.  It's a simple and heartfelt track that draws listeners into worship and point a finger heavenward, constantly reminding listeners of who deserves the glory.  And that's just the way Ulysses Brown wants it.
Reviewed by:  Andrew Greenhalgh
I Believe
I Believe we have been Created to Worship God - Isaiah 43:7

Chosen to Worship God - 1 Peter 2:9

Called to Worship God - Psalm 95:6

Commanded to Worship God - Revelation 14:6,7